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A simple, efficient, and downright more enjoyable way to manage your website as a real estate broker.

Real estate brokers

Launch the best website you ever had

With Real Estate by RubberDuck, you'll get the best website you ever had within a couple of days.

Fitted with the powerful built-in apps that made RubberDuck a success story, you'll be able to easily manage a blog, a job board or an event calendar, at no additionnal costs.

All this, combined with the functionalities specific to the real estate sector, RubberDuck is the ideal solution for real estate brokers.

Residential and commercial properties

Sync with your local MLS® platform


Residential and commercial real estate brokers can take advantage of a more robust, cost-effective, and faster solution with Real Estate by RubberDuck .

Syncing a broker's listings to their website has never been easier. RubberDuck offers a connection through a broker's local MLS® platform that will ensure it displays the most up-to-date property data without duplicating effort.


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Seamless integration ecosystem for real estate

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Marketing tools

Connect with your CRM


Real Estate by RubberDuck offers an easy connection with the world's most popular marketing platforms in addition to allowing synchronization with CRM and other tools for the real estate sector.

It is the perfect solution for real estate brokers wishing to take their businesses to the next level.


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Transfer your website quickly

With Real Estate by RubberDuck, it is now possible to combine the fantastic built-in apps and functionalities of RubberDuck with the very best tools from the real estate industry, saving both time and money, and adding a little fun along the way.

Get in touch with our exceptional service team, you might have your new RubberDuck website running within a couple of days.

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